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The value of human rights is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human rights are the basic rights given to all human beings to protect the human dignity regardless of all the social categories such as gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, social class, education, etc. The value of human rights should be realized for all the human beings, in particular those who severely suffer from the human rights violation. Therefore it needs human solidarity. And one of the most significant tasks to enhance human rights is the promotion of the social development which remains on the human challenges of the 21st century.

The constitutional mandate of the Institute for Human Rights and Social Development(IHAS), founded in 2010, is to co-operate in the promotion of human rights and social development based on the values of human rights and solidarity. From this point of view, IHAS emphasizes two topical priority ares: 1) research and education of human rights; 2) research into the social development based on human rights and solidarity. To achieve these goals, IHAS has established two research centers: the Human Rights Education Research Center(HRERC) and the Social Policy Research Center(SPRC).

The IHAS will convene topic-related seminars, host academic conferences, organize significant research projects, and communicate with the public through publications. The IHAS wishes to contribute to the enhancement of human rights and the promotion of social development in Gyeongnam province, Korean society, and further human community on the planet.